TradBlast – CD promotion for traditional musicians

Be heard – Traditional artists are recording and releasing their music, retaining artistic and financial control of their work.  We connect your music to the ears of America and beyond.  Get airplay, reviews, and start the ceolvine buzzing!

We send your CD to the media that makes it happen. With an extensive database of radio, print, and web contacts, we get your music to the right ears.  We create and include a one page flyer with each CD.  You supply the information and the CDs, we package and distribute them to radio and reviewers, both on the web and on the air.

To get started, contact TradBlast

Three packages are available:
Top 50 – $350
Top 75 – $475
Top 100 – $600

All packages cover the main US sources of review, airplay, and spreading the word via radio, web and print. They can be targeted to a specific area of the country if you plan a tour or just want to aim in that direction. The fee includes all costs of postage, materials, creation of the flyer, packaging, and consultation. Your only other cost will be the shipping of your CDs to us. We usually post a Tradblast within one week of receiving the CDs and payment.